nomissnewo (nomissnewo) wrote,

interview me harder

a journalist from Forbes Magazine emailed me the other day to get my number, not because he wanted to interview me for a specific story but so he can call me up when he needs a quick quote about new media. does that mean i've entered the punditocracy, in which i can bloviate at whim without any particular connection to the story at hand?

i would like to get on tv again sometime soon only because my last appearance was so dismally atrocious that i want to prove that it was just because it was my first time. you always assume that pundits can see the people interviewing them but in reality you have an ear piece and you just have to stare into the camera and pretend someone is there. as a result my eyes were darting all over the place. i stuttered, while the other journalist who was brought on (from wired magazine) was a seasoned pro. after the interview was over the producer came in my ear and said something like "we'll be sure to bring you on again" while his tone said "you reeked." now that i've seen myself though i know i can do it. just smile like you assume they're always cutting to you and do. not. break. eye. contact.

ah and the other rule i learned was don't look like a pasty white blowhard. might need to practice a few times to nail that one.
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