nomissnewo (nomissnewo) wrote,

the net

megamanso i'm starting to rev up and meet new people again in dc, an act that i can't help but compare to fly fishing in that sometimes the lure brings something back but it's a constant, fluid motion of throwing it back out there. last week i met a journalist from The Hill, a dc political newspaper, for drinks and then this week i had lunch with a journalist for Washington City Paper and Reason Magazine.

i'm beginning to think that it's probably easy in this city to meet friends -- perhaps easier than i thought -- but it's much more difficult to find a crew, that special group that all mutually hangs out together. time and again i find myself meeting individuals for a drink or a movie or for dinner and it lacks this cohesive social quality that leaves me feel like the meetings are a series of singular acts rather than a linear plot, one with character development and themes. in some instances i even pull my friend and create a mashup with another, have them meet me at a bar and hope that that mutual magic pops up, and so far the one or two experiments have been promising, though inconclusive.
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