nomissnewo (nomissnewo) wrote,

the unexpected weakness

fatty foodwhen i started losing this weight one of the criteria that i set would be that it wouldn't be at the expense of my happiness (within reason, of course) and that if i had to turn down chances to eat out or have drinks with other people all the time that i would grow miserable and throw away the new diet completely. the thinking here being that most of the times i order out food it's when i have no good reason to, so if i stick to mainly social events then i would only eat out maybe twice a week.

but while it's true i've drastically cut down on the amount i eat out, i've found that i have a more active social life than i actually thought. and so over and over again i end up going to a meetup group at a thai restaurant or eating chinese food with a recently laid-off coworker or going out to a goodbye lunch with a coworker who took another job.

in most instances when i know i'm going to end up eating out i try to plan accordingly, either by eating less earlier in the day or making sure i have time to work out at the end of the night, but these things only really soften the blow.

either way i didn't have the heart to weigh myself this morning. tomorrow morning is my official weekly weigh in. let's hope jumping back on the bandwagon today was enough to keep me on track.
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