nomissnewo (nomissnewo) wrote,


fatty foodthis might be borderline tautology but when you do your weekly weigh-in there is either a sudden high or a crushing low when the final digits come to rest and you find out whether you managed to squeeze out that last pound in overnight water weight. i've sometimes weighed as much as a pound and a half less in the morning than i weighed the night before.

anyway i clocked in at 3 pounds lost this week, which means that i've lost 15 pounds total. do i feel accomplished? somewhat, but i think my brain is wired around the end goal, leaving a minimal amount of pleasure for the increments in between. my mind is set on what i have to weigh to be "thin," so not being that weight simply means i am not thin and not much else.

still though, 15 pounds is a significant drop, and though i can't tell much of a difference i'm sure someone who hasn't seen me since before the weight loss could.

my goal is that by the end of april i'm hovering close to where i want to be. the end feels near.
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