nomissnewo (nomissnewo) wrote,

First goal met

Let me just poke my head in here for a moment to note that I surpassed my first goal of losing about 20 pounds. I'm not sure why the introspective posts on weight loss have come to a halt, but in a way these eating habits have become just that - habit.

I'm not thin -- I certainly don't feel thin and purely from a weight standpoint I still likely clock in above what most physicians would call a "normal" weight, but I'm *thinner*, as evidenced by the fact that I've been getting comments on this very fact. Immediately upon meeting that first goal I set a new one to lose another 10. After I meet that, well, I will reassess my situation. I have an idea of what a target ideal weight would be, but when you calculate in factors like Body Mass Index it's not always easy to assign a simple number of pounds as being the "ideal weight."

So I'll keep going, I'll keep counting calories, I'll keep having to pick myself up from my failures (I've had one or two weeks in which I didn't lose any weight) and one day sometime soon I'll have a new wardrobe and a closet full of unused, oversized clothes.
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